UV laser ECL7000

ECL7000 series printer is a cold light source UV laser printer, can be achieved high speed dynamic marking without any damage to packaging materials surface. Print speed could be up to 300 meters per minute under rotary and linear applications.

ECL7000 Series UV laser printer has a compact construction system and modular design, as well as

high contrast and permanent coding advantages .It is applicable to HDPE/ LDPE / ABS plastic materials, which printing precise 1D barcode ,2D barcode, logo, character digital coding, as well as other general coding. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, medical, tubes and cosmetics industries lines. Permanent and tamper-proof coding not only help to trace the cycle of product life and brand protection for companies, but also prevent the risk of tamper and fake products.

Product parameters

Product Model



Laser Type


Laser power



Cooling system

water -cooling

Coding Line

within the marking area

Character height

0.66-maximum marking range


Variety of 1D and 2D barcode types available

Graphics format

BMP/DXF/HPG/JPEG/PLT and many other graphics formats

Text Type

Fixed text, serial number, date, counter ,shift code ,database random code

Marking Area

70*70mm ~ 175*175mm Optional

Operation Interface

10.4 inches high precision industrial touch screen

Operation system

EC-JET “SEQ” Operation system

Standard Interface

Shaft encoder Interface ,Product Detector interface, External Alarm interface,

USB, Ethernet interface


and material

Industrial-grade stainless steel and aluminum cabinet

Protection Level


Power Supply



Laser Head:580mm*228mm*176mm


Handheld Touch Screen:272mm*218mm*26mm


PVC material,ABS material,HDPE material,LDPE material

To achieve coding guarantee

Best visual readability to meet product quality require-ments, which is up to industry coding standards

Permanent high-contrast marking On white HDPE / LDPE/ ABS material package

Permanent coding to ensure product traceability and brand protection and prevent  the risk of commodities moving or fake products

Operation advantages

Coding can be achieved in any direction and position on the products.

Adopting water-cooling laser source, laser printer could be made maximizing the utilization, which almost eliminating planned downtime.

With original designed SEQ” system, EC-JET UV laser offers the user easy usage and intelligent experience. Adopting Modular design, the whole system is easy to integrate.

Improve production efficiency

Professional designed for high-speed dynamic marking and coding system, Print speed up to 300 meters per minute

By short ultraviolet wavelength and narrow pulse ,Laser could complete high-speed marking on HDPE / LDPE / ABS plastic packaging and improve the printing quality

New intelligent control algorithm improve the print speed

EC-JET exclusive system

SEQ Central control system is customized central control software for professional customers ,which are suitable for:

1. Multiple laser printers

2. Plant network

Clients could connect multiple EC-JET laser printers to one computer of central control room by plant network , and control the entire workshop EC-JET laser inkjet printer in one of the computers uniformly

Printing effect