Fiber laser ECL6100

The ECL6100 series laser coding system includes models of ECL6120,ECL6130 and ECL6150,with features of compact structure, modular design, high quality permanent marking and diverse applications, which can meet the application requirements of different production lines.

How does Laser work?

Laser marking is a non-contact printing method that offers advantages over other technologies including mark quality, permanence and fewer consumables. CodeMark’s line of laser marking systems includes CO2, Fiber and UV laser sources in different power outputs to address a range of substrates and applications. In addition, CodeMark offers a comprehensive portfolio of laser accessories including lenses and beam turning units to simplify integration into your production lines and maximize the laser’s performance.

Product parameters






Laser Type

Fiber laser

Laser Wave Length



Laser Power





Marking speed(characters/sec)

up to 2000 characters/sec


Linear Speed

Depends on the marking area and number of characters, speed up to 600m/min

Marking Lines

Unlimited within marking area

Character Height

0.3mm-within marking area


Over 26 types of fonts, support customer design and multi-language

Marking Area


70*70mm,110*110mm,160*160mm,174*174mm,205*205mm,300*300mm; 360*360mm, 400*400mm

Barcode Type

1D barcode,2D barcode, visualead code, etc

Print Content

Text, Arc text, Graphics, Serial number, Date, Time, File reading data, Shift code, Random code, External data

User Interface

Help-online, Muti-language support, Support Ethernet remote PC operation and networking

Laser Head Dimension


Control Cabinet Dimension


Touchscreen Dimension


Product Detect Input

NPN/PNP/24V-detector and shaft encoder

Singal Input/Output

Condition marking/ Start up/ Stop /Interlock; System ready/Marking/ Failure

Communication Port


Power Supply

100-240V AC50/60Hz

Cooling System

Air cooling

Operating Tempera-

ture & Humidity

5-40℃, 10%-90%RH,non-condensing

Protective Grade

IP55,can reach to IP65 if required


Network and remote control software(TCP/IP),Mounting stander Kit


CodeMark products are widely adopted in many industries. Many of our customers have operations worldwide.

Printing industry: Pipe, wire and cable, food, beverages, alcohol, chemical, automotive, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, building materials industries, etc.

 Printing content: Date, time, batch number, serial number, design, bar code, security code, multiple languages, multiple fonts, logo, etc.

Printing effect