Daily Chemical Products coding & marking application

Standard coding & marking is convenient for enterprises to conduct traceability management.

Printing materials

Coding on PP/PE/AS/ABS/PET plastic bottles, glass bottles, paper packaging, plastic packaging, etc.

Printing content

Product batch number, production date, expiry date, promotional information, trademark pattern, QR code, barcode, product code, dealer code and other information.


High temperature, low temperature, dry, humid, etc.

Application video

Application industries

Detergents industry, oral daily chemicals industry, special cleaners/shampoos industry, shower gels industry, skin care industry, hair care industry, cosmetics industry, washing powder industry, etc.

Recommended machines

Continuous inkjet printer EC-JET1000

  • 1-3 lines, up to 24 dots
  • Max print speed:2m/s(line speed)
  • Language support: multi-language

Laser printer ECL1100

  • Up to 2000 characters per second
  • Unlimited lines within marking area
  • Linear speed: depends on the marking filed and characters, up to 600m/min
  • IP55
  • Character height:0.6mm-within marking area

Printing effect