1.5m special conveyor/mask conveyor/food conveyor/belt assembly line/belt conveyor/express conveyor/belt assembly line customization

Conveyor belts are suitable for a variety of industries, used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries. Mainly used for conveying various hardware, spare parts, metal parts, plastic parts, daily necessities, chemical products, bottles, bags, boxes, labels, glass bottles, plastic bottles, metal cans, plastic bags, cartons, paper bags, cartons, labels, etc. 
It is convenient for inkjet printers and laser machines to perform streamline coding and coding. It is a necessary equipment for inkjet printers and laser machines to print, print production date, batch number anti-counterfeiting marks, and patterns. 
The conveyor can be used in conjunction with the inkjet printer or used independently. After use, it will greatly increase the working speed of workers, save working time, save labor, and greatly reduce production costs.
1500*200*750mm (L*W*H), 60watts.