Automatic large character DOD inkjet printer for carton bag (EC-DOD)

Application Fields for continuous inkjet printing

The Industrial inkjet printer EC-JET DOD  printers provide a means of application of printed information onto a wide range of products. This information would typically be the date, production codes, consumer information, product or corporate identification, product traceability, and many others. 


1.The machine is compact design ,up to 4 lines

2.Proprietary design of continuous ink, free of external air source, no need stop printer to re-fill ink, improve production efficiency to the greatest extent
3.Remote control, can easily be operated in the office 
4.Standard USB interface, quick data recovery and data backup available ,graphic available
5.Double trigger design ,multiple printing tasks processing simultaneously

Technical Parameter

Printing lines

Up to 4 lines(7*5 matrix characters)

Printhead quantity

up to two printheads (16 dots)

Printing height

28mm –64mm(16 dots printhead)

Printing distance


Max Speed


Printing direction

horizontal and vertical

Photocell or shaft encoder

USB interface

Interface to external alarm

RS-232 Communication interface

How does DOD work?

The Print head of EC-JET large character inkjet printer (EC-DOD) consists of a group of miniature high-precision solenoid valve, once the solenoid valve opens, ink located in the nozzle spray out a droplet by constant pressure
EC-JET large character inkjet printer is different from small character inkjet  printer. The ink droplet ejected without deflection but control the discharge of ink droplets by the solenoid valve. Each point corresponds to a head of miniature solenoid valves, 7 dots print head have seven solenoid valves, and 16 dots print head had 16 solenoid valves. Through Electronic control module, a set of coordinated action solenoid valve can print a raster column in the product .when the product move, it will form the necessary information and patterns, providing a non-contact method of printing. The process is controlled by the electronics module which also stores the messages to be printed. The message is programmed using the touch screen.

Printing samples

EC-JET DOD Continuous inkjet printer is high speed, high price ratio, large character printer which is designed for variety of industrial applications.