Stable CIJ inkjet printer EC-JET 1000 for packaging production line coding and marking

EC-JET 1000 is a 1-3 lines printing for entry-level hot-selling models.

Industrial inkjet printer EC-JET printer provides a way to apply printing information to a variety of products. This information is usually production date, production code, promotional information, product or company logo, product traceability, and many other information. It can be widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, building materials, tobacco, ceramics, electronics and other industries.

Product Advanced Capabilities

●New ink system, low consumption, more environmental 
●Fast maintenance: ink separate with electronic system, making maintenance easier and safer; start the fast maintenance mode when printer has failure.
●Unique three door design: Maintenance door, consumable door,and electronic door
●Vertical cabinet with 5.6 inches true color touch screen, easy of use .
●Independent cooling system. Cabinet inside with fans, easier cooling, Aluminium castings on the top of cabinet, anti-dust and low consumption.
●360degree nozzle adjusting, easy to improve jetting alignment. 
●USB data input, software upgrade, data backup, import and export
●Mufti-language operation 

Printing Function

●RFID function(Anti一improper ink and solvent filling system)

●Multi-password protection function

●Fixed and variable and normal characters

●Bold characters up to 9 times

●Print height,print width and print delay to be adjustable

●Automatic work shift,date and time format

●Flexible date and time formats,automatically date calculating function

●Real time clock function.with accuracy up to the seconds

●Graphics and message input by USB,parameter backup

/restore/software upgrade function

●Batch coding and counting function

●Serial number with hexadecimal counting function

● Reverse printing function

●Timing function

●Phonetic input function

●Message/Graphics software(optional)

●Remote communication(optional)

Product parameters





Printhead type




Message Height

Up to 24 dots

Up to 16 dots

Up to 24 dots

Print Line

1 Line

1-2 Lines

 1-3 Lines

Printing Message

without barcode

without barcode

without barcode

Print height

5 dots,1.8mm;

24 dots,12mm

5 dots,1.8mm;

16 dots,12mm

5 dots,1.8mm;

24 dots,12mm

Print speed(max)

21m/min,0.4mm idea pitch

7 dots,120m/min;

16 dots,36m/min;

24 dots,21m/min

0.4mm idea pitch

Max  message capability

2048 characters

Max printing character

1482 characters /s

Cabinet dimension(L*W*H)


Print head dimension


Language Support

Multi-language(English,Portuguese,Italian,Farsi,Korean and so on)



Installation display

Application&printing effect

●Printing industry: Pipe, wire and cable, food, beverages, alcohol, chemical, automotive, pharmaceuticals,cosmetics, building materials industries, etc.
●Printing content: Date, time, batch number, serial number, design, bar code, security code, multiple languages, multiple font, logo, etc.


Printing effect