ECH200Pro handheld high resolution inkjet printer for packaging cartons

ECH200Pro is a manual coding device with fully wireless. You can code anywhere with it. Print height up to 12.7mm per print head, perfect printing effect with high precision.

Product Advanced Capabilities

● Battery can last 4-8 hours under continouos working, standby time up to 24 hours.

● Portable package, which can be brought to any place.

● Fast maintenance design, saving consumable and cost-effective.

● Allows printing on a range from 150*300DPI to 300*1500DPI.

● By EC-JET operating system, message length is up to 20inch and can be customized.

Product structure

Product parameters



Print height

Single head 0-12.7mm

Print line

Within printable area

Dynamic data

Time、Serial number

Print Feature

Print resolution


Standby time

24 hours

Data supported

Text、time、serial number、logo、barcode/2D barcode

Fonts supported

Windows fonts、TrueType font、logo(BMP) 、barcode、2D barcode

Message length

50inch, extendable

Printer memory

No limited (512MB storage space)

Operating system

EC-JET self-developed operating system

External I/O

Standard USB Host

Physical Features


Tem:0-70 ℃

EMI compliance

EN55011: 2009+A1:2010, EN61326-1:2013, EN61000-3-2:2014,EN6100-3-3:2013 

Cartridge lifetime

(42ml ink cartridge), about 38.5 million 12.7mm characters

Printing material

Porous, Semi-Porous materials

Power supply

110v-240vac, 50/60Hz

Power rating



CodeMark products are widely adopted in many industries. Many of our customers have operations worldwide. 

Printing industry: Pipe, wire and cable, food, beverages, alcohol, chemical, automotive, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, building materials industries, etc.

Printing content: Date, time, serial number, bar code/2D barcode, logo, etc.



● Ease of use no need installation and easy operation, easy maintenance.

● Cost-effective compact handheld printer.  It’s ultra portable, light weight saving shipping cost and low operational costs.  

● Efficiency fast printing, easy to carry to anywhere. Battery can last 4-8 hours.