Food coding & marking application

CodeMark  devotes to offering the coding and marking system that can satisfy different requirements in food industry, and integrate flexibly with production line and other related packaging equipments. With high IP grade, it can work perfectly in some harsh environment.

Printing position

Coding on metal cans, glass bottle, PE/LDPE/HDPE/PP/OPP/PS/ PVC/PVDC/PET plastic bags, wood, metal, ceramic, plastic, rubber, etc.

Printing content

Product batch number, production date, expiry date, promotional information, trademark pattern, QR code, barcode, product code, dealer code and other information.


High temperature, low temperature, dry, humid, etc.

Application video

Application industries

Milk and dairy products, frozen drinks, fruits, vegetables, cocoa fruit, grain and grain products, baked goods, meat and meat products, aquatic products and their products, eggs and egg products, sweeteners/condiments, special nutritional foods and more.

Recommended machines

Continuous inkjet printer EC-JET1000

  • 1-3 lines, up to 24 dots
  • Max print speed:2m/s(line speed)
  • Language support: multi-language

High resolution inkjet printer ECH700

  • Single head-max.12.7mm
  • Multi-lines within printable Area
  • 160m/min(150DPI)
  • Easy installation and simple operation

Printing effect